Welcome to the P. Luna Foundation!
an Operating Educational Public Charity with Our Own Programs and Services (non-funding)

Our Founder
Petra Luna


L. Barnes- Professional Family Therapist

B. Walker- Former Police Officer and Abuse Survivor

M. Wall- Attorney, Father

J. Schwartz- Retired Scientist, Father and Grandfather

R. Wilder- Business Owner, Father and Grandfather

L. Roth- School Teacher, Mother

G. Franklin- Com. Real Estate Developer, Father

M. Flores- Motivational Speaker

S. Spires- Computer Technician

We always need on-line volunteers.  If you have a little free time, we would love to have you.  Just click HERE!

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Petra just became an AUTHOR!
In order to raise donations for this organization,
She wrote a book to help young people aspiring to be in the music business.

Now available in
Soft Cover for $12.50USD
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Our Mission
To prevent the cycle of child abuse and crime through awareness, education and breaking the taboo about the imperative need for young males who were childhood victims of abuse to seek help.

Our Vision
We aspire to end the anonymity of child sexual predators and to prevent future abuse through intellect, logic and virtue.

What do we do?
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What are our Programs?
The Male Abuse Awareness Week Awareness Campaign & the Male Abuse Awareness Website
Male Abuse Awareness Week is an awareness campaign held every year from Dec 1st through 8th and the website is the extension of that program.  It is a program dedicated to the special needs of young boys and men who have been abused, in an attempt to stop these young males from growing up to go down destructive paths in their future.  To see this amazing web site, click the image below.

Male Abuse Awareness Week
2013 is December 1-8


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A Thriving Volunteer Program to help Abuse Victims

Most therapists suggest that victims and survivors of abuse, “Do something for their cause.” Why?  Because it makes them feel better about their own situation when helping others.   We supplement counseling with an active Volunteer Program that gives these special individuals a vehicle to do something good for their cause, in the safety of their own homes.  For more info on the War On Abuse Volunteer Program click HERE! 

The World's Largest Anti-Abuse Resource Guide

People who have been abused, in many cases, are traumatized and are easily discouraged while trying to seek the help they want, need, and deserve.  We make it easy for them.  We list over 230 links of Organizations, Professionals, Advocates, Victims and Individuals who support the cause.  A one-stop shop for those in need who do not want to get lost as they surf the Internet to find support.  These lists are also the way that the PLF unites the anti-abuse world into one united force standing together for a common cause. 
The list is divided into three parts.  To see the network, click the links below.
Part 1~ A list of Petra Luna's websites, PLF Volunteer websites, PLF hosted websites and independent advocate friends of the PLF.  Along with a list of associate Organizations and Industry Professionals who work within the causes of Child Abuse and Domestic Violence.
Part 2~ A complete list of services and information for Male Victims and Survivors of Abuse.

Music Publishing

This nonprofit, through a newly created music publishing/record company, also titled the P. Luna Foundation, now owns all the copyrights and publishing rights to Founder and Musician, Petra Luna's music.  100% of all moneys earned from the sales of her new CDs titled the At War Collection Part 1 & 2 go directly into the PLF bank account as donations.  Part 1 was released in December of 2010 and Part 2 was released on New Years Day 2012. 

See the links on the left side of this page to pick up a CD or download today and support this great organization.

Developing Program

Program X (still under construction)
Our final program is an enormous effort and in its forth year of development.  In cooperation with The US Department of Justice and the world’s top child safety organizations, this program is designed to help inoculate the problem of child sexual predators accessing children and

fulfill the government's requests for education.  We hope to unveil it by 2013.

All programs are International.

This organization is run by a valued Volunteer Staff.
Laurie K., Nora D., Billy W., Donald B., Aster A., Justine C., Stephen S. and Maxine M.

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