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Male Abuse Awareness

Male Abuse Awareness Week Dec. 1-8, 2013 Report
This another great year yet with an aggressive online advertising campaign, an amazing public event at the world Famous Union Square in Downtown San Francisco, California on December 7st, and another great year for donations! 

Our Annual Event:
•    On December 7th in San Francisco, California we held our annual Male Abuse Awareness Week Event.  This event featured the award winning S.O.S. (Singers of the Street) Community Chorus along with other great local artists and our Keynote Speaker, Advocate Bill Murray.  This event took our message about helping males with past abuse issues out to the general public on a beautiful sunny day in December.

•    94.1 FM KPFA Berkeley CA, 90.7 FM KPFK N. Hollywood CA, 99.3 KCLA The Ultimate Underground Show, and two Blogtalkradio.com shows; the Current Events Show with Patrick Cook and the Stop Child Abuse Now Show.
•    This year we also partnered with a radio show called Butterfly Dreams Abuse Recovery Talk Radio and brought them in as the 'featured' broadcasting network for Male Abuse Awareness Week 2013. Starting the last week in November, it was a fabulous two full weeks of broadcasting with male guests who were either past victims discussing their personal journeys with recovery or advocates discussing their work with the cause. There were also interviews with movie makers, advocate musicians, therapists, healers, social workers and researchers all focusing on the effects of past child abuse in males.  This year we even added extensive discussions about the growing problem of males and domestic violence.

Online Stats:

•    Our Press Release had 100,000+ Headline Impressions and 602 total hits, our help4guys.org web site received approximately 327,000 hits from September through December (the campaign’s peak months,) our email blast went out to 2028 contacts and our Facebook Ad received 3,656 Impressions.

Other Program Accomplishments:
•    We are currently consulting with cause specialists and volunteers to build a new web site for the organization that would condense the program web site help4guys.org and the organization’s business web site plunafoundation.org into one site.  We also went in and re-categorized all of the links on the “Services 4 Males” page of our existing site to help people in need find resources more easily. 

PLF Online Volunteer Program
•    It was not our best year for volunteers but it wasn’t the worst either.  It seemed that after Male Abuse Awareness Week most of the volunteers get bored and moved on.  I also started to notice how the thrill of social networking as a whole seems to be losing some of its appeal.  For this reason, we started reminding people that volunteer positions can help with school credit and extracurricular activities to list on job applications.  That seems to be generating more interest and we now have a college students coming for that very reason to volunteer.

Organizational Business
•    A new Mission Statement was completed and voted on in June of 2013 to more closely reflect the work of the P. Luna Foundation.
“To prevent the cycle of child abuse and crime through awareness, education and breaking the taboo about the imperative need for young males who were childhood victims of abuse to seek help.”
•    In 2012 a PLF Board Member suggested I get back to writing a very important book we started in 2008.  We also discovered last year after watching a ton of news stories during the election season that “authors” were somehow legitimized by the press more so than others.  Being that getting press for our awareness cause is essential to our mission, we felt strongly that we should go back to the book and finish it.  Believing that the book would further legitimize this organization, we spent the good part of 2013 working on its second draft.  The book is now being looked over by a PhD in Psychology and a Social Worker with DCFS to assure its accuracy.  The book is a complete guide to detecting child predators and child sexual abuse from the perspective of long time advocates, real people who have been abused and know the cause inside and out.
•    PLF Music Publishing of Petra Luna’s music CDs and downloads, and book sales from the Music Business book also increased in 2013 to help bring in more donations.
•    The new Board of Directors went through their second Annual Meeting as a group in 2013.  They are doing great and are now really starting to contribute resources and expertise to the organization.

A Brief Look at our Financials in 2013

Within the Industry standard of keeping Operating Expenses below %18 of our total expenses, we are at %17.43.

'In Kind' donations

5,200 Volunteer Hours Worked, calculated at $12.00/hr. were valued at:

A Message from the Executive Director

2013 was an interesting year.  After holding two big events in December of 2012, it took a long time to do all the accounting and wrap everything up.  After that, our Board of Directors and I thought that getting a great book out about our cause would help us with press relations and to further legitimize our efforts to fight child abuse.  This in turn would help bring even more awareness to our main campaign every December.  That said, a few volunteers and I picked up that old book project we started in 2008 and dug into it once again.  So, from February to September of my year was spent doing research and completing a second draft of the book.  I am very excited about it and hope to finish it in the next year.

This year for Male Abuse Awareness Week Dec. 1-8, I started to realize that we had apparently formed a Male Abuse Awareness Week circle of friends and advocates who seem to be returning every year to help push the campaign and cause message.  I am grateful for that new little community and their annual contributions.  We also met some new friends to join in our community this year and we hope everyone will return again next year.  I feel good that my initial dream of somehow uniting the anti-abuse world is possibly being realized at least to some extent, with our annual campaign to help abused males.  I also feel good that we now have a well established system with all the supplies and materials we need to hold our annual events easily and efficiently. 

Goals for 2014

•    Continue pursuing more mentoring on grant writing and write our first official grants.
•    Continue to nurture relationships with other nonprofits.
•    Get more involved with local women’s groups and have them help raise donations.
•    Try to come up with a strategy to get more press coverage for our annual Male Abuse Awareness Week Campaign.
•    Get more politicians involved in the Male Abuse Awareness Week Campaign.
•    Improve our volunteer program to get more students and young people involved.

from our help4guys.org Website’s Guestbook in 2013
  • Amado Aparentado said: January 3rd, 2014 12:45am; Males, gay or straight deserve as much protection as children and adult women. The perception is biased. Even the authorities in my country discriminate because we are adults and males. Gays suffer an awful lot in my country, they're lynched and treated as 2nd citizens. I'm disappointed at the gender bias for both straight males and gays. There should be a masculinist group (for straight and gay males). We get hurt too.
  • Frank M Audino said: December 3rd, 2013 9:41am; After 43 years I come out and I had a talk with my Family about my RAPE at 11 & Thanks to my Psychotherapy Dr. Zoya Simakhodskaya Ph.D. who give me strength to come out..
  • Barbara Daugherty said:   September 12th, 2013 11:04am; Thanks for this valuable resource. I will be using your website as a referral resource in my ministry. Barbara, Crisis Response Chaplain, former secular victims advocate, CRM-J undergrad.
  • David Marsh said:   June 3rd, 2013 11:47am; Always supporting all those who expose this massive problem of "Child Abuse" in our communities from all your friends at http://www.tomthumb.info/ Thank you.(Please Like).
  • Jon said:   March 23rd, 2013 7:27am; How do I report/get help on behalf of someone else (my son)? Jon

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