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We are trying very hard to keep this new Nonprofit Organization afloat in this uncertain economy.  We also aspire to create jobs.  We absolutely can not do this without YOUR donations. 
Help us keep the dreams of this organization alive with your gift today.  We are a Registered 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization in California, USA.  We are always available to answer any concerns you may have about our charity.  To go to our contact page click HERE or see the bottom of each page on this website to find our contact information.

With a minimum gift of only $50, we can add you to our donor list!
Please make your donation check out to:  P. Luna Foundation
And mail it to:
P. Luna Foundation
P.O. Box 523
San Bruno, CA 94066

Or click the Paypal link at the bottom of the page. 
To get a receipt for your tax deductible donation, simply request one along with your donation by mail or by email at

This is our big

to show our appreciation to our long time and new donors!

Top Donor 2013
Gil Cohen, Musician

Click below to see our 2013 activities!


Past Sponsors
Runway Magazine, Goodwill of Southern California, Children are our Future, Pizazz by O Planning, Success Center Hypnotherapy, Get Legal Magazine, Miss CA Ethnic World Pageant, Good Men Project Magazine, Pro Security Inc, KDAY 93.5 FM Hip Hop Radio, Panera Bread, Good Earth Spa, Nicolosi’s Restaurant, Heavenly Cupcake, Ace Hardware Downtown, Candela’s Restaurant, Asti Ristorante, J. Soul Productions, Grant Grill, Poster Giant, Seattle WA

Past Top Donors
  Grant Ewald & Family,
2011  Johnny McMillion, Owner of Majestic Mortgage Co. Inc.
  Denny Bouchard, Musician
  Jim Schwartz,

  Stacey Parzik
, Business Owner
2007  Linda Gordon, Elderly Caregiver

Trusted Donors
Cheryl Scimone
D. Meleo
M. Bonneview
Ralph Wilder
Lori Barnes
Billy Walker
James Campbell
Josh Tran
Bill Murray
Lavenia Hale
Tammi Franklin
Mike Miller
Lynn Roth
Martha Flores
Aubri McCoy
Gold Carpentry
Volutone Inc.
Ordway Sign Company
Laura Bustillos
Brei Stevenson
VIP Restaurant
Shelia Neville
Audrey Cohen
Orisco Wilson
Richard Sakacs
Shelia Dunns
Mary Klein
Mary Berner
Frank Koshere
Palfy Endrene
Diane Black
David Haddad
Joseph Matesic
S. Jason
Cotton Sonny
Jason Gurwin
Soren Petersen
Usama Al-Lawati
Tomahawk Dugan
Frank O Connor
Carrie Radivich
FB Network for Good
Craig & Deborah Horner            
Svava Brooks                
Darla Penner                    
Heidi Hans                    
Brigitte Sampson                
Julie Onton                    
Agata Sliwowski                
Jim Schwarts (host)                
Barbara & David Roemer            
Laura Bianconcini                
Rodger Sless                
Janis Durelle                    
Mary Pressley                
Cristy Boisvert                
Kim Kreiger
Jennifer Hussey
Rebekah Collins
Steve Spires
Elizabeth Sheldon
Jonia McClenny
Sayed Sabrina
Joshua Ponsot
Roberto Roth
Nora Davis
Penelope Torribio
Ricky Moralez
Megan Geraghty
Rachel Rizner
Victor Ochoa
Brian Rupp
Kathleen Pelaez
Pamela Clay
James Louis
Savanah Phillips
Howard Anderson
Tiffany Dorn
Charlie King
Teria Morada
Vince White
Perry Kurtz
Joyce Lee
Jesse Moore
Billy Batz
Andrew Dudich
Viki Brown
Harry Holzmann
Cherish Ryans
Sharon Nichols
Grace Fraga
Mike Sullivan

Lynda Fouts                    
Johanna Ford~Marcus               
Charity Settineri                
Maria Cohen Ttee                
Richard & Patsy Link            
Robert & Peggy Trustree          
David Purcell                    
Laurie Turner    

Stephen Spires

Richard & Marlayna Bollinger     Anita Lenz                                
Lisa Ashkins
Regina McCarty                
Laurie Miller                    
Greg & Joanna Wasmuth
Krista & Mary Lautenbach
Heidi Hanna

Barbara Clookie               

Joe Gimme
Georgia Van C
Marina Goncharova
Calista Carradine
Sienna Morris
Shane Kelly
Dave Hare
Lika Saliscente
David Maestro
Elaine Pelino
Denise Cook
Marie Waldrep
Rev. Ruth Lemon
Greg Vaccarello
Leila Flores
Gabor Zabo
David Kaye
Ellen McCleve
Tom Ulrich
Issac Miller
Veronica Bohemia
Eric Sharp
Garret Swayne
Jefferson Smith
Mel Kohl
George Balfalvi
Christopher Francis
Bellissimo Inc.
Jerry Jackson
Glen Franklin
Alex Crookshanks
Gemma Picore
Raquel Ramos
Steve Clemons
Brian Mack
Mark Williams
Lisa Marty
Scott Whitessel
Trish Steele
Michael Laskow
Mike Sandberg
Al Boyd
Denny Brouchard
Dana Moore
Kinard Ministies
Jennifer Strickland
Dana Snow
Cat Connor
Stoil Stoilov
Vic Moraga
Angela Leo
Byron Van Cleve
Jill Marie
Jill Avilez
Shasta Iglesias
V.K. Lynn
Bria Salerno
Lisa Thurbrush                
Annette Charleston

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