Volunteers Always Needed
The War On Abuse Volunteer Program

What do these Volunteers do?

The PLF’s War On Abuse Volunteers are an online Community made up of individuals who occupy social networking websites, blogs and video accounts managed by the PLF and linked together through our network.  Through the anonymity of the Internet, these volunteers are free to express themselves by writing, images and web design.  They make friends and connect with like-minded individuals who are fellow victims, survivors, or advocates.  Dedicated to our cause, they recruit more advocates every day.  They consider themselves to be a part of an extended family, united by their passion to end abuse.  These special volunteers are the glue that binds the anti-abuse movement together through our War On Abuse Movement Internet Network & Reference Guide, the world’s largest listing of organizations, professionals, advocates, victims, and individuals who fight against the cruelty of abuse.  Some of our veteran volunteers do IT (Internet Technology) work and graphic design for the PLF as well.

What does this program do for the abused?
1.    Gives victims of abuse a vehicle to do something good for their cause.  An activity that most Professional Therapists recommend.  This program allows apprehensive victims to help their cause in the comfort and safety of their own homes.
2.    Allows advocates to use the enormous world of social networking in a positive way for a great cause.  
3.    The volunteer community is over 3 years old.  We have a rigorous orientation process with a Handbook, Volunteer Policy and a long trial period prior to new people being considered as full members of our volunteer community.  Drama and poor behavior are not accepted.   Volunteers stay with (or return to) the PLF for years because they trust the individuals within the community and know that we are a legitimate operation.  
4.    Volunteers serve a dual function by, in addition, patrolling the Internet.  Since this program covers an enormous area online, if these volunteers see any suspicious activities, they report it to the proper authorities.  The predators are online and that is where we want to be keeping track of them.
5.    The program is so vast that it includes advocacy for all types of abuse.  There is something for everyone in this program.  We cover not only child abuse:  We also advocate against animal abuse and domestic violence.  The volunteer position is very flexible and we cater to all levels of computer skills.

Our Volunteer's Quotes
"I have been a volunteer for the P. Luna Foundation for almost three years. I have watched the Foundation grow and gain Federal 501(c)3 status. The P. Luna foundation is internet-based and has volunteers assigned various social networking pages to get the word out that abuse is not cool. Within the realm of, “abuse,” we primarily focus on educating the public of the dangers of pedophiles and sex offenders who seek to ensnare victims through social networks such as MySpace and Facebook on the internet by generating awareness with prevention as the outcome. We also have a 501(c)4 lobbyist Organization called Youth Voice Initiative that seeks to stifle the poisonous words and ideas pro-pedophile and pro-sex offenders have on their websites.  I am a 20-year law enforcement veteran. I am also an abuse survivor. I have gotten a great sense of fulfillment volunteering for such a worthy cause."  Doc

“I started volunteering for the PLF when I was in an abusive situation in my own life.  By working on the websites and doing research, the caring of Petra and another volunteer I found gave me the strength to leave the abusive situation and get to a place where I have healed from the abuse both physically and emotionally.  I had to leave the PLF volunteering while I went through the emotional healing, but I am forever in debt to the PLF friends for the life I have now.  By working in the PLF I was able to learn that how I was living was unacceptable and not my fault.  I was fighting for online safety and the awareness of male abuse, but I felt at the start I deserved what I was going through.  The work with the PLF built up my self esteem as I learn new skills to help the PLF and positive feedback I got raised my self esteem to a point that I was worth more than how I was living.
I have now moved from victim to survivor, and am glad to be back volunteering for the PLF as a survivor. It is a real "family" where we all support each other.  The PLF has always been the family I never had.  It really is an honor to be able to be a small part of this community that works to stop abuse of all forms.” Sian

"As a survivor of physical abuse as well as bullying as a child, little did I realize the direct impact my past experiences were having on my life, as well as my loved ones.  Becoming an advocate for the abused is the best thing that's ever happened to me in terms of coming to terms with my past, learning to live a more productive and fulfilling life and knowing that I am not alone.  Since having the honor of being a part of the P. Luna Foundation and helping others it has helped me to advance my healing process to a whole new level.  Not only am I surrounded by much love and support of great people, I have found that by helping others gives me a sense of meaning and purpose in life, above and beyond anything I ever expected.  To know that I am part of a cause so significant gives me peace of mind.  I also know at the end of the day that my small contributions actually make a difference!  That's what it's all about!” REV Darrell

“I have experienced both sides of the fence with Domestic Violence~ It seems like forever and a day that I was the one who was living in an abusive relationship, who didn’t want to wake up in the morning because I had no idea who I was, just wanting to die rather than be abused.  After years of struggling and healing I fought my way back up to live a positive life free from violence for me and my children.  I have advocated and helped heal shattered lives of those who live with abuse in their own homes. Now today I have given a fantastic opportunity that brings meaning back to my life, being a volunteer for the PLF has brought me much satisfaction to be in an environment that is proactive  towards ending abuse of any shape or form and to know that I can be a part of that is a fantastic feeling!  I’ve been there and I know the pain and confusion you live with everyday of your life.~ Please know there is hope and support out there, and we are here for you!  My wish in anyone reading this, is that they feel a sense of hope and inner strength for themselves that they are more than worthy of living a life free from abuse..because you ARE worth it and you deserve to be loved and respected~ YES YOU!!   Love and Power to you~” Ange

If you want to be listed with the
War On Abuse Movement Internet Network Reference Guide
see our Contact Page. To see links to Part 1,2 & 3 of the Network see our Home Page.
Volunteers Needed NOW for the War On Abuse Volunteer Program!
We welcome victims and survivors of abuse as well as advocates to join our cause to become a part of our vigorous volunteer program.

Internet Advocates Needed to Help Fight Child Abuse

Are you a blogger, Myspace, or Facebook user type?  Then this is an easy and fulfilling volunteer job to help build awareness to fighting child abuse, and you can do it from anywhere.  
The organization was developed out of an Internet advocacy network called the War On Abuse Movement.  This network has 100,000 people that follow it worldwide, and out of the 230+websites and associate organization’s sites, our group manages approximately 35% of them.  The purpose of these websites and pages is to bring awareness to the cause of fighting child abuse.  We need more volunteers to “baby sit” or participate in various interactive web site pages, blogs, etc.  We normally set up and do the page designs for you or you can do them yourself.  
Here are the tasks we need filled:

1.    People to run an interactive web page accounts or groups.  You will have to answer mail, add friends, keep blogs, whatever you can do.
2.    People who can and will participate in blogs and groups.  You will have to post topics or leave comments on blogs, etc.  
3.    People to help us find current child abuse news stories and videos that are going around the world to help us post interesting and current issues about the cause.
4.    People who can manage email lists.
5.    People who can take stock photos and add simple words and graphics to make awareness images and banner links.  
6.    Political types who can help in the continued effort to bring attention to child abuse legislation.
7.    People with experience in public relations.
8.    People who are music fans or can help with music pages and activities.
9.    Website designers.
10.    People who are resourceful and can do various research jobs on the Internet for the organization.
Minimum computer skills, an understanding the basics of interactive websites, and a minimum of 20 minutes a week are required.  This is a meaningful activity for seniors or the disabled.
If you are interested please send an email to Petra at theplunashow@aol.com.  Tell us a little about yourself and send us any URL links to pages or blogs you may currently have on the Internet?  Also, tell us why you want to help with this important effort.  We are careful about our volunteers due to the nature of our controversial cause.
Other  Volunteer Opportunities Available

The PLF needs volunteers that help with our annual Male Abuse Awareness campaign every December for 2 weeks a year.  This volunteer activity is perfect for the busier individual who still wants to be involved.  For more information on being an annual volunteer, click HERE.

If you want to learn more about the Male Abuse Awareness Program click this link below.

Create yourself a paying position with our Non-Profit Organization!

You could tell them that you have been watching daytime TV, or you could tell them that you were volunteering your time, honing in on your new job skills, or keeping your dormant job skills sharp by helping an amazing charity.
It is possible to take a volunteer position and create a job for yourself with our organization.  All it takes is motivation and desire.  Since the P. Luna Foundation is an International Internet based organization, you can literally work from anywhere in the world.  Volunteer position potential is needed for the following skills:
•    Professional Fundraiser
(an Independent Contractor)
•    Marketing Specialist
•    Development
•    Public Relations
•    Management
•    Communication
All of these volunteer skills can help you generate donations for us.  If you generate them, we can afford to create a real job position for you.  We are a startup, and the potential for growth is limitless.  This is a real opportunity.  You can sit and wait for things to turn around, or take your unemployed situation and turn it around.  If you do not create a job, at least you will have filled the gap in your job history with something productive.
No experience is necessary if you are ambitious, motivated and conduct yourself in a professional manner.  This is an even more promising opportunity for someone who has excellent sales and marketing abilities and experience, is a good networker, can research and approach philanthropic type people, and is passionate about fighting child abuse.  Please note that you can do this volunteer job from anywhere, but if you live in the USA, certain positions will eventually require you to become licensed in your home state.

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