The Journey to the New Foundation
Our Founders Nonprofit Credentials
"I started in Animal Abuse as a donor.  I then went into Domestic Violence for 3 years before I flipped to child abuse and starting my own Nonprofit Organization.  I feel that I have found my new life's purpose and direction.  Now, I have my true path to serving God." Petra Luna

Petra Holding Fundraisers for the new PLF

Petra Sending a Message to Kids

Petra on the Board of Directors for a Domestic Violence Charity

Petra Performing to Raise Money for Victims of Domestic Violence

Petra Producing and Promoting Fundraisers for Child Abuse Charities

Petra as the Director for a Domestic Violence
Fundraiser Fashion Show

Petra Donating to Animal Abuse Charities

"I hope you will continue to express your thoughts about important issues. Through our combined efforts, we can help shape America's future."
Laura Bush - First Lady USA

"Petra, thanks for all you do!"
Dave Pelzer-New York Times and International Best Selling Author, Recipitent of The National Jefferson Award

I applaud the work you are doing for battered women and children to publicize and help them find their voices again"
Dr.Lenore E.A Walker, Ed.D - Author, Director of the Domestic Violence Institute, Introduced Battered Women Syndrome, Professor at NSU Center for Psychological Studies and Coordinator of the clinical Forensic Psychology Concentration

"I congratulate Petra Luna Show on their work with victims of Domestic Violence."
Kenneth E.Austin - P.A.W.S. Grace Foundation

Volunteer Work
Happiness Club~Gigi Faraci Harris, Founder
Big Brothers & Sisters~Raquel Hernandez

Safe Passage 
Trish Steele, Founder
Entertainment Director and Board of Directors from 2005-2007
Safe Passage Home offers assistance in empowering women to repair the damage done to them from abuse and also stop the destructive cycle. We help each woman create a positive self-image and new life for herself and her children. She receives healing services for her body, soul and spirit.
   1. Plastic Surgery & Dental Services (Removing scars & repairing broken teeth)
   2. Image Makeover (Personal supplies & clothing for the family)
   3. Alternative Health & Eating Skills for woman and children
   4. Counseling for Women and Mentors for Children
   5. Career Resources & Leads for Employment
   6. Independent Living Instruction and supply of goods for their new residence
   7. Support Group & Follow up Services

Fundraising and Event Planning for:

National Domestic Violence Hotline - Jittin Gorani
Children Are Our Future - Michael Linquata
Violence Intervention Program - Jessica Wareheim
Prototypes - Ruth Slaughter
Children of the Night - Dr.Lois Lee
Justice For Children - Jim Sheilds
Los Angeles Youth Network - Katherine McMahon
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